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Find out which Salesforce CTI Solution won the Demo Jam and why

Natterbox Team

In May 2017 Natterbox was voted by a large Salesforce audience, with a resounding lead, as the chosen Salesforce CTI solution over 5 other worthy contenders.

With the audience comments seen to lead with;

So what makes Natterbox so different to others?
We focus on removing the complexity and improving the quality. By this we mean simplifying Telephony by removing the challenges of traditional technologies which put the effort onto technical and putting the telephony experience in the hands of the sales & marketing side of the business.

The likes of Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot and other sales and marketing tools that empower the business to better serve and engage with customers are not technically led, so why should telephony be any different. The customer journey on the web site is optimised, personalised, tuned and led by marketeers and those that have focus, experience and need to serve the customer.

Telephony should be considered in the same dynamic and customer outcome led manner. Shorten, personalise and optimise the customer telephony experience you deliver. Imagine for example automatically presenting an inbound caller with ‘We detect that you still have a complaint open with our service department please press 1 to be put through to an agent who will have those details to hand or 2 to deal with another enquiry or part of our business’. Far better than delivering them back to a generic 5 option menu, leading to another and adding to their complaint frustrations.

How about detecting a customer’s inbound number and that they are a large new prospective customer to you and automatically pushing their call to a priority queue.

Being able to achieve this quickly, affordably and without technical expertise is now available to any business and empowers you to boost the quality of each and every customer phone interaction whilst improving employee productivity and capability to be better informed on every customer call.

The voting audience at the Salesforce World Tour Demo Jam seem to agree! Stay with the time and stay connected with your customers!

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