Give your Sales Team the tools they need to be sales superstars

AVS Cloud PBX for Salesforce is a complete global telephony solution for your business, embedded and managed directly through Salesforce®.

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AVS Cloud PBX features for

Natterbox AVS Cloud PBX for Salesforce gives you a comprehensive range of capabilities to maximise your sales success.


Lightning Ready

Natterbox AVS is Salesforce Lightning ready.

Complete Control

Natterbox AVS for Cloud PBX gives Salesforce system administrators complete control over the setup and management of their business phone system directly though the Salesforce interface. Set up and manage phone numbers, call policies and call routing over their global business.

Easily route calls to different sales teams anywhere in the world, according to customer needs using custom rules, such as caller ID, location time of day, sales territory and any information based in Salesforce.

Macbook control

Increased Productivity

Give your sales teams the ability to delivery fast and personalised service by leveraging the customer data already in Salesforce. Benefit from productivity features that include click to dial, record pop, call whispers, live call history notes and more, all within the Salesforce interface. Natterbox AVS for Salesforce is also mobile ready, making it the perfect companion for sales teams on the road. Find out more.

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Total Visibility

Natterbox AVS for Salesforce gives you total reporting visibility across all aspects of your phone system. View inbound and outbound customer call history, sales team total calls, average time length, call waiting time and more, directly through the salesforce interface and Natterbox Cloud PBX Wallboards. Find out more.

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Discover all the benefits

  • Globe

    Global Availability

    Natterbox is available worldwide serviced by our global network of data centre Infrastructure providing quality of service, reliability, reduced complexity and at great value. Natterbox is available wherever you use Salesforce.

  • Cloud

    100% in Sales Cloud

    Natterbox Advanced Voice Services is 100% native in Salesforce enable and manage your phone system entirely from within

  • Cloud Phone

    Global Cloud PBX

    The first complete global telephony system that is managed from within Salesforce®. Administrators and managers can now deploy and manage their global telephony system, including landline and mobile, instead of relying on IT or telecoms staff.

  • Keypad

    Global Numbers

    Keep your existing phone numbers and buy local and International phone numbers from within Salesforce.

  • Headset person

    Contact Centre in Salesforce

    Create and manage your global cloud contact centre directly from Salesforce. Create call queues, manage agents and leverage the information in Salesforce to deliver exceptional levels of persoanlised customer service.

  • Headset

    Web Phone

    Revolutionary Web Phone provisioned and enabled in Salesforce. No software.

  • Mouse

    CTI Click to Dial and Screen Pop

    Make calls, retrieve customer records and automatically capture all call data into

  • Cloud

    No Software

    Natterbox AVS Cloud PBX and all features are 100% available from the cloud - no software required.

  • Crossed out phone

    No Hardware

    Natterbox AVS Cloud PBX and all features are 100% available from the cloud - no hardware required.

  • Lightning

    Lightning Ready

    All features of AVS from Natterbox are 100% Salesforce Lightning ready.

  • Graph

    Reports and Dashboards

    Choose from 120+ customisable native Salesforce call activity reports.

  • Routing

    Salesforce based Call Routing

    Improve customer experience

    Prioritise VIP callers

    Reduce IVR

    Automatically route callers to the right department

  • Padlock

    Advanced Call Logging

    Complete call records available from within Service Cloud. Full event and audit logs for all activity on the system are also embedded directly in Salesforce.

  • Microphone

    Call Recording

    On demand call recording for landline and mobile.

    Comprehensive range of compliance features.

    Playback recordings from Service Cloud records or Chatter feed.

  • Flag

    Chatter, Email & SMS Alerts and Notifications

    Keep Systems Administrators, staff and customers informed with Chatter Email and SMS Alerts and Notifications. Acknowledge customer calls with an email or SMS Let field sales and service personnel know when a VIP customer calls or if someone has called their customer.

  • Email

    Voicemail from Salesforce

    Natterbox voicemail in Salesforce allows users to listen to voicemails directly from Salesforce or have them emailed out as soon as the voicemail is left. Natterbox voicemail to Salesforce means you'll never have to dial-in to check or retrieve voicemail again

  • Headset person

    Cloud IVR

    Create sophisticated IVR policies such as automated customer satisfaction surveys in just a few clicks with Natterbox easy to use drag and drop administrator console.

  • Speech bubble

    Dynamic in call announcements

    Keep your callers informed, customise announcements and Agent whispers anywhere in the call flow, create dynamic self-serve customer feedback systems.

  • Graph

    Process Builder/Workflow Integration

    Natterbox is now an endpoint for Salesforce Process Builder and Workflow rules. Trigger an SMS to the customer when a case is updated. Automatically connect a call to your telesales team whenever a new lead is created. Any action in Salesforce can now trigger a Natterbox policy.

  • Ear

    Listen Live

    listen in on any call so you can ensure your investment in training is paying off and that your customers are receiving the very best service. Provide live in call call coaching via barge feature.

Global Scalability

Natterbox is available worldwide serviced by our global network of data centre infrastructure providing quality of service, reliability, reduced complexity and at great value.

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Hear what our customers say

JARK Group

“Natterbox unites our entire business, across multiple locations on one corporate telephony service. From a management perspective, we have a Group overview of telephony activity for all the subsidiaries, at the click of a button. Our customers and employees enjoy a consistent, reliable telephony experience.”

Business Advisory Service

“With a reliable system, focus can shift from infrastructure and onto the customers – who are the most important thing to us.”


“Natterbox is flexible, scalable and efficient. As an online business, telephone interactions represent an important opportunity to get closer to our customers. You can’t put a price on their experience”

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