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Hosted voice provider Natterbox has developed a seamless integration of its service for users of global SaaS based CRM provider, to help reduce a business’ costs, increase profits and through the streamlining of internal processes improve customer satisfaction.

The new Natterbox application seamlessly integrates CRM with telecoms systems and together the hybrid technology aids and improves the way in which a business speaks to and handles its customers.  Callers can enjoy a more personalised and faster service as the lengthy wait and transfer process is significantly reduced and their calls are automatically routed to their required department.  For the call handler, they concurrently receive data about the caller directly to their screen, as the technology transfers the call through, all within a few rings.

Once the call is over, Natterbox will update and populate the CRM system with activity details and history tables, including logs of the call and a secure link to the call recording.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, commented: “Until now CRM and telecoms systems have always worked independently of one another, however, one is vital to the other’s efficiency if businesses are going to provide a streamlined and effective customer service. With the advanced capabilities of Natterbox’s hosted voice software and’s market leading CRM systems, integrating the two makes good business sense; it costs five times more to win a new client than retain an existing one so it is in every company’s best interest to effectively service and thus keep, their current client base.”

The new application considerably improves call waiting and handling times, allowing for a greater volume of customers to be dealt with, more efficiently, by the customer service team.

Hammerton continued: “As a result of the improved processes, Natterbox customers are able to reduce their customer service costs and re-deploy customer service resources to other, perhaps understaffed, departments to help maximise their profits, all while maintaining exceptional customer experience.

“During the current period of economic hardship, there’s enormous competition in almost every sector of business. Consequently, the customer is king and keeping them happy could quite easily be the difference between success and failure.”

For more information about the collaborative application, visit our voice integration page or call 020 3510 0500.

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