Salesforce Plugin (OTT)

Currently tied into an existing contract with your phone system? No problem.

Our Salesforce Plugin can turn your existing business phone system into a fully-functioning contact center 100% integrated inside Salesforce®.

Works best in combination with the below solutions:

Contact Center for Salesforce Salesforce CTI (SCTI) Record

AVS Dashboard Desktop

Key benefits for you

Empower your agents with the tools they need to have successful conversations with customers and prospects.

Our Salesforce Plugin enables you to:


Take full control over your phone system. Set up and manage everything inside Salesforce, including provisioning Numbers, polices and call routing.


Design your own telephone journey, including customised screening service, both inbound (IVR) and outbound when users pick up.


Keep your current phone system whilst enjoying a modern CTI experience with Salesforce.


Total visibility of all calls with over 60 data points captured and recorded against the relevant leads in Salesforce.


60 ready-made reports inside Salesforce. Cross reference reports on sales activities like call duration, with lead and financial data like lead conversion rate and value of sale to get unique insights.

Looking to modernise your existing phone system?

Unlock additional benefits with our Salesforce PBX solution, and reduce your existing IT infrastructure and costs.

Do you outsource your telco or infrastructure?

Natterbox operates both as a Cloud Software vendor owning our own system and PBX technology as well as a Registered Telco, meaning you can be assured of the resiliency, support quality, ownership and speed to resolution.

Can I keep my existing phone system?

Natterbox can operate over the top of an existing PBX system or we can provide our own Cloud PBX technology allowing Natterbox to support your end to end phone system and have all configuration served from within your Salesforce system.