Natterbox Voice360

Put your customer conversations into action across your business and quickly and easily understand at a company level what your customers are talking about.

It’s Good to Talk

84% of service professionals say a unified view of customer information is key to providing a great customer experience

Keep the conversation going throughout your customer’s journey. Everyone within your organisation is responsible for ensuring the success of your customers and the best way to do that is to provide a unified approach to all engagement opportunities. With Salesforce you already have a single view of your customer, complement that view with a 360 degree view of your voice interactions.

Voice360 Interactive Video

Insight Voice Analytics

Quickly and easily understand at a company level what your customers are talking about, how they feel and how your agents are engaging with them.

  • 80% of service decision makers believe AI is most effective when deployed with – rather than in place of – humans
  • Get reports to show your best and worst calls; praise and benchmark your high performers and coach your underperformers.
  • Know what action to take as a business; better understand what decisions to make based on what your customers tell you is important to them.

Insight Voice Analytics Screenshot

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Automatic Data Capture

(Available with all modules)

Increase productivity by automatically creating and updating records.

  • 56% of agents say they must toggle between multiple screens to find all the information they need to do their job.
  • Measure performance with over 60 readymade reports in Salesforce to manage and optimize your time.
  • 150+ Data points from calls automatically captured within your Salesforce instance.

Automatic Data Capture Screenshot

Voicemail Drop

(Available with Freedom module)

72% of traditional outbound calls go to voicemail. According to RingLead, the average sales rep leaves 70 voicemails per day. That adds up to an average of 25 hours/month/rep. Voicemail Drop helps to save time on repetitive tasks.

  • Pre-record messages to send when reaching a customer’s voicemail.
  • Increase productivity by empowering agents to drop a voicemail and go onto the next call.
  • Improve agent efficiency by having multiple pre-recorded messages ready to be dropped at the click of a button.

Voicemail Drop Screenshot

Video Assist

(Available with Freedom module)

Give your agents the ability to see what your customers can see and coach them through what to do.

  • Support your field workers, by enabling them to show the back office what they need and get the information in real time.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering them assistance to visually show you the help they require, rather than just having to communicate the issue verbally.
  • Connect with your customers and field workers and improve efficiency by linking your inventory, people and customers.


Workforce Engagement Management

(Available with Insight module)

Hear the voice of your employee and better understand how to coach and praise them.

  • 85% of service decision makers view investment in their agents as a vital part of service transformation.
  • Happy employees tend to provide better experiences for customers.
    Empower your agents to self-evaluate and improve with real-time call coaching.
  • Make agent engagement paramount, by recognising the needs, personalities and performance attributes of your agents.



Call Queues

(Available with Contact Centre module)

Cut down on needless transfers and IVR options by routing your customers to the right agent at the right time.

  • Voice-based connections make up a significant proportion of interactions in call centers.
  • Ensure only agents with specific experience handle the calls relevant to their skills.
  • Enable VIP customers to get to the front of the queue

Call Queues_Screenshot

Skills Based Routing

(Available with Contact Centre module)

Provide your customers with a personalized service, routing them automatically to the agent with the right skill-set.

  • Identify a comprehensive list of skills which will help you personalize your customers’ journey based on their individual needs.
  • Apply skills quickly and easily to agents in Salesforce.
  • Apply multiple skills to a single phone call and assign skills based on Salesforce data.

Skills Based Routing_Screenshot

Mobile Workforce - Multi Device Support

(Available with Freedom module)

70% of workers don’t sit behind a desk every day so extend the office to mobile agents’ smartphones or tablets. Arming mobile workers with the same capabilities as their office-based colleagues is critical for their efficiency.

  • Give users the ability to work from wherever they want, on whatever device they want.
  • Mobile agents benefit from having Salesforce and call data pushed into Salesforce automatically, thanks to our mobile app.
  • Provide your field workers with access to the same tools as the back office with seamless connectivity.


Call Backs

(Available with Contact Centre module)

Stop your customers waiting in long call queues by providing them with the option to get a call back.

  • Eliminate lengthy wait times, that quietly but significantly harm your customer experience, financials or both.
  • Our solution recognizes where the customer was in the queue and holds their spot for them.
  • Help your customers’ own productivity by giving them back their time.

Call Backs Screenshot


Listen Live

(Available with Contact Centre or PBX module)

Give timely feedback on agent call performance as it happens. All interactions contribute to customer data collection, giving a better overview, clarity and positive calls to action.

  • Assist your agents in providing the best possible service with listen live mode.
  • Enables supervisors to listen without being heard, speak only to the agent or to both parties.
  • The best solution for call coaching, especially with new agents.

Listen Live Screenshot

Call Recording

(Call Recording module)

Ensure all calls are recorded for agent training and assurance of your processes. Build a repository of your communication history, within your Salesforce instance. Data is available at your agents’ fingertips, to ensure they’re aware of the full communication history.

Access to your call recordings for up to 12 months, at no extra cost or up to 25 years.

  • Recordings held on the Natterbox system, not in Salesforce.
  • Provide an accurate account of previous interactions by accessing recordings when needed.

Call Recording Screenshot

Dynamic Call Lists

(Available with Freedom module)

Ensure your prospects get called back quickly, by the right agent, from an automatically updated call list, based on the criteria you set.

  • Put your customer data into action across your business by empowering your team with the leads they need throughout their day
  • Choose your own rules for when your prospects should be called back as well as how often.
  • Increase agent productivity, so they start their day with the right list and all the relevant information within Salesforce.

Dynamic Call Lists_Screenshot