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How to build a global contact centre 100% in Service Cloud

Being put on hold, or waiting for a few minutes to be transferred can seem like an eternity in today’s society, as more consumers have become accustomed to the instant gratification afforded by technology. Web Chat is easy, email is easy and yet whilst anticipating a bad customer service experience, customers still pick up the phone.

Is it too much for customers to demand “I want you to know who I am when I call in”? Imagine how satisfied they’d be if you were to offer great customer service over the phone?

During our interactive webinar, our expert will describe how Natterbox, 100% embedded and managed entirely within Salesforce, can help you transform your customer experience to meet today’s demands.

Reasons to attend:

  • Experience how with just one inbound call, you can provide your callers with a personalised journey and direct them straight to their Service Agents.
  • See how contact records are automatically displayed, using screen popping, to ensure Service Agents have all the relevant details at hand.
  • Hear how you can configure your own personal wrap-up codes, so you can create automatic case notes, as well as set appointments and call backs directly within the Salesforce object.
  • Watch how your organisation’s calls can be overseen via wallboards, presenting your call dashboards on multiple screens.
  • Learn how all of your communication channels can connect through one omni-channel, including voice.
  • Your laptop is all you need, login to Salesforce and your web phone connects you. No hardware, no software, no delays.

No live webinars currently scheduled, but you can click to watch the recording.

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