Natterbox Expert Series Web Seminars

Delivered by professionals with many years experience designing & deploying solutions for some of the world’s best known brands.

What to expect

This event series is designed to show the art of the possible in these exciting new technology areas, the decision criteria to understand if and how it is applicable to your organisation and examples of live customer deployments.


Natterbox Service Cloud with Follow-the-Sun integration


“No new business is worth starting in these times unless it can go global.” Sir Richard Branson. 

Fortunately, a new generation of scalable and flexible Cloud PBX and Contact Centre services can help you realise your global ambitions by providing Follow-the-Sun service with Natterbox, reducing the cost & complexity co-ordinating 24/7 service functions across different geographies. 

In this short, LIVE and interactive webinar, you will be invited to participate and learn first-hand: 

• How to create a call flow 

• How to integrate Cloud PBX with Service Cloud 

• How to automatically create a case from an inbound call 

• See how to use dynamic IVR to automate repeat service processes 

• See how to create a Follow-the-Sun call flow 

• Natterbox Contact Centre Wallboards 

This will be a LIVE and interactive live demo. The presenter will be integrating Cloud PBX with Salesforce LIVE and constructing call flows on the fly, you will be invited to participate in the demo by making calls to our Contact Centre