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Natterbox cloud telephony integrates closely with CRM to drive sales and support excellence for a brilliant customer experience.

Our customers integrate our scalable, agile cloud PBX and voice recording solutions with Salesforce for:

  • 100% customer data capture and integrity
  • Deeply insightful intelligence and analytics
  • Dramatically improved staff productivity
  • Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction

Hundreds of organisations globally have revolutionised their CRM through telephony integration with Natterbox.

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A personalised customer experience has been proven to drive sales, customer service effectiveness, customer satisfaction and increase marketing campaign performance.

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Salesforce cloud

Salesforce® business telephony

Drive sales and service team productivity

Voice Integration

Integrating voice and business telephony into Salesforce® drives sales and supports team effectiveness as well as enhancing customer experience.

Natterbox customers achieve measurable increases in sales, productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Business telephony cloud

Business telephony in the cloud

Drive sales and service team productivity

Cloud PBX

Imagine a business telephone system with all the facilities required to handle telephony needs but with no hardware, no software and no maintenance.

With Natterbox Cloud PBX staff and customers are brought together without limitation by geography or device. Scalable, reliable, agile and easily managed.

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Mobile phone voice recording

New! Mobile voice recording now available. Click here for details

There's a reason so many leading companies use Natterbox