Automatic Call Recording

Record calls and access voice recordings 100% inside Salesforce®, for efficiency, quality assurance, training and compliance purposes.

Automatic Voice Recording enables you to:

Automatically capture call recordings from all company devices in the entire team to improve efficiency, data integrity and training, and ensure legal compliance.

Store and access recordings with ease, from the relevant customer record, chatter feed or log calls to an on-premise call logger, reducing compliance and discovery costs.

Set up and manage different voice recording and archiving policies according to your business or compliance requirements. Archive recordings from one month to an unlimited number of years.

Confidently scale your business globally, ensuring consistent levels of customer service, across all locations, offices, divisions and departments.

Total visibility on staff performance levels and the ability to identify and resolve customer service disputes efficiently.

Identify areas for improvement and train staff accordingly, ensuring optimal customer experience and staff efficiency.

Gain complete control over the setup and management of call recording policies directly through Salesforce.

Call quality assurance by recording calls and listening back, ensuring every interaction is to the highest standard.

Key Features & Benefits

Global Scalability

Automatic Call Recording allows you to scale quality assurance, training and compliance globally, enabling sales and service staff to deliver improved customer service with reduced discovery costs.

Regulatory Compliance and Privacy

Automatic Call Recording provides a comprehensive set of configuration tools and settings, such as attended or automated IVR consent and customisable recording alerts. Helping businesses meet their regulatory compliance obligations across different jurisdictions.

Store and access recordings with ease

Automatic Call Recording allows you to store your recordings in the Natterbox cloud and retrieve them from the relevant customer record, chatter feed or log calls within an on-premise call logger reducing compliance and discovery costs.

Salesforce accessible

Playback all recordings directly from Salesforce. Link customisable Salesforce objects. Pause/Resume recording.

Safe and Secure

All recordings are stored securely, compliantly and redundantly in geographically separated data centres within the Natterbox cloud.

Access control

Comprehensive access control permissions.

Where are the recordings stored?

Natterbox stores call recordings in the secure Natterbox cloud and provides a link to the recording against a Salesforce record, meaning users can easily find and listen to call recordings directly inside Salesforce (given the security privileges to do so).

How long do you store the recordings for?

Call recordings can be stored from the base included level of 6 months to as long as you require (at optional extra cost).

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a technology that allows for voice or multimedia communication over the internet. This allows you to make phone calls over the internet with your phone, as an example.