PCI Payments

Manage payments seamlessly from within Salesforce, without the need to interrupt the conversation with your customers.

Full call recording option with the safety that no card details or DTMF signals are captured, meeting the requirements of PCI DSS, in a seamless and efficient manner, building trust with your customers.

Empower your agents to manage payments directly from Salesforce

Meet the requirements of PCI DSS with our hassle-free solution. Manage payments seamlessly from within Salesforce without the need to interrupt the conversation with your customers, making for the best customer experience on the market.

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Key benefits for your customers

Natterbox is pleased to partner with PCIpal to bring you this fully Salesforce integrated payment solution.

Fully embedded, you can remain within Salesforce and manage payments whilst guiding your customer through the payment process.

Card holder data will never be recorded, stored or processed in your environment, the Natterbox environment or the Salesforce environment, promoting trust with your customers.

Maintain control of your call flow throughout the process and guide your customers through the payment process, informing them of what actions they need to take during payment.

Improve speed of handling customer payments through tight integrations with your existing Salesforce workflows.

Key benefits for you

Empower your agents to manage payments directly from any Salesforce object, for ease of use and efficient payment processing.

PCI compliance is costly, using Natterbox and PCIpal you are completely descoped using a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider.

Provide customers with the best possible service by guiding them through the payment process.

Single Sign On – our fully integrated solution means once you’re signed into Salesforce you can use your Salesforce CTI to manage payments without the need to login to another interface.

Agents can see live updates as customers enter their credit card data using their phone keypads which are masked as *, enabling agents to quickly update customers on progress.

No need for call recording pause or resume, enabling seamless and secure transactions.

Take payments for both inbound and outbound calls, using any end point device including mobile, desk phone and web phone.

Increase productivity by automatically creating and updating records in Salesforce and tracking presence and availability statuses.

Features & Benefits

Post Call Surveys

Secure consistent feedback on the quality of your services by setting up an automated post call service, with the score embedded in the customer’s record in Salesforce.

Presence & Availability Services

Agents can change their status using the availability control. The call routing function will register this and route calls to available agents only.

Dynamic Call Queues

Callers can be routed to the right call queues based on any data in Salesforce.

Salesforce Based Routing

Automatically route callers to the right department.

Modify existing Salesforce Records

Update records in Salesforce based on the data acquired in conversation with contact.

Listen Live

Ensure your customers are receiving the very best service. Provide live in call coaching via barge feature.


Add to office monitors for transparency and motivation. Managers can use to assess the quality of their teams.

120 Salesforce Reports

Tailor reports to fit your business based on 120 templates. Work with real-time data.